Al-Khawarizmi Astronomy Complex

Location: Malacca

Location Info

Address: Kg. Balik Batu, Tanjung Bidara,
78300 Masjid Tanah, Malacca, Malaysia
Office Number: +606 384 2148

District » Tanjung Bidara


Al-Khawarizmi Astronomy Complex is a place to study and explore the mystery of Universeand the complex is situated in Kampung Balik Batu and along the Melaka. It's the effort of the Melaka State Government to generate public awareness of the important of astronomy, as well as support the growth of astronomy via tourism activities. This complex is named after renown astronomer called Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Musa, a.k.a Al-Khawarizmi


There's an annual Astronomy Day Celebration at Al-khawarizmi Astronomy Complex , held in the month of April and May. So if you are in town, do not miss the chance to participate in the activities organize by the complex for the celebration! This RM 20 Mil complex has much to offers! There are 3 main buildings in the complex, namely the Observatory, the Planetarium and the Training Centre. There are exciting activities in the Observatory and the Planetarium where you can experience the Night Sky Observation and 3D show respectively. Despite the heavy cost for construction of the complex, the entrance fee is kept to a minimal of RM 1.00 per entry. Movie tickets are sold at separate cost range between RM 1-3. For movie schedule and ticketing, kindly refer to the website stated above. Do note that the complex is managed by Muslim scholars where descent dress code is advisable.

After quenching your 'astronomy thirst', there are much more to see in Malacca. For pets and animal lover, Zoo Malacca is not to be missed. It is the second largest zoo in Malaysia, housing to more than 1,200 animals of over 200 different species. The rare endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros and Gaur can also be found in the compound. Zoo Malacca is easily accessible via bus terminal and its located just 13 km from MalaccaCity. You can also experience house and elephant rides during the weekends. For more educational activities, you can also visit the Maritime Museum where you can experience the busy trading zone where the world's traders meet.

After all the information, you should head down to Jonker Street for some local delights as well as some souvenir shopping. After which you visit the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum to enjoy the colourful heritage as a result of intermarriages between the locals and the Chinese. The ever famous Dutch building, The Stadthuys , is standing tall in the Malacca/Melaka Town Square, was built for nearly 20 years, using only material imported from the Netherlands. Lastly, it will be nice to enjoy a hearty seafood meal at the Portuguese Square , facing the sea.

Accommodations in Malacca is easy accessible with a great variety of stay. Heritage guesthouse is available along Jonker Street, otherwise conventional Malacca hotel is also widely available and ranges from RM60.00 to RM300.00 per night.


Upon arriving at KLIA/LCCT airport, you have an option of renting a car, or catching an express bus from the airport, both will take about 2 hours to get to Malacca/Melaka town. If you are coming from Singapore, driving will take about 3 hours using the North-South highway, otherwise, there are many express buses operating from Singapore to Malacca/Melaka, and it will only cost approximately $20.