Cheng Ho's Cultural Museum

Location: Malacca

Location Info

Address: 51, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
(Opposite The Stadthuys across the Melaka River through Tan Kim Seng Bridge)
Office Number: +606 283 1135/1136
Opening Hours: 09:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs (Monday - Sunday), Night Visit by appointment
Entrance: RM20.00 (Adults)
RM10.00 (Child / Student)

District » City Centre


Cheng Ho's Cultural Museum is located in the old part of Malacca town and it's believed to be the original site of the warehouse complex build by Cheng Ho. It's located near to a few renowned streets, namely the Jonker Street, Jalan Laksamana and Jalan Quayside.


Cheng Ho Culture Museum is believed to be a restructured ancient building with Ming architecture, with two to three hundred years of history. The famous Cheng Ho is the Ming Dynasty Admiral who has visited Malacca many times while en route to the Western Ocean from 1405-1433. It is believed that he has set up a huge warehouse complex along the northern side of Malacca River. To date, there has been dispute in the location of the warehouse complex, while some believed to be at Bukit Cina. Nevertheless, the museum showcases many evidence of cultural exchange between the local ethnic and the Chinese, among others, treasure ships, tea houses and other navigation instruments.

After which you can visit the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum to understand Malacca/Melaka unique taste of 'Peranakan'. For more educational activities, you can also visit the Maritime Museum Malacca where you can experience the busy trading zone where the world's traders meet. Besides, Malacca will not be complete without the Dutch flavour, The Stadthuys , the tallest and oldest Dutch buiding in South East Asia is currently standing tall in the Malacca Town Square. It's a popular landmark and you can definitely see it on most postcards in Malacca/Melaka. As for some sumptuous food, you can head to the Portuguese Square Malacca, where fresh seafood is a promised while you enjoy the sea breeze

Another way of exploring Malacca is through the Malacca River Cruise, where there are a total of 12 boats available for cruise and it has gained much popularity over the time, especially at dust hour. As for accommodation, Malacca hotel generally ranges from RM60.00 - RM300.00. Otherwise there are budget hotel available for long stay as well.


The best way to reach Malacca/Melaka from KLIA/LCCT airport is by land. There are car rental and express buses available at the airport. Both ways will take about 2-3 hours to reach Malacca/Melaka town. For Singaporean visitors, you have an option of driving down through the North South Highway and exist at Ayer Keroh, otherwise, there are many express buses operating at convenient spot in Singapore to Malacca/Melaka.